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Erich and Edeline Schneiderman
Erich J. Schneiderman, Founder, President, and Managing Editor of rewrite.com; Director, The Best English School in Manhattan; shown here with his wife, Edeline.
Like most of you, I went through many changes in my struggle to learn and grow and to succeed in my career. I attended public and private schools in the United States and Canada and then studied and worked in Europe for ten years. For the last five of those years I taught English literature, literary theory, and English for foreigners at a major European university. Returning to the United States, I studied public relations and corporate communications and worked as a fundraiser, English teacher, salesperson, publicity writer, and marketing executive.

In all of these positions, I sharpened the skills that are the key to success in almost every field: the ability to speak and write well and to communicate a message successfully to a target audience, whether to students, colleagues, investors, press agencies, or business clients.

In 1998 I made a decision I will never regret: I chose to start a company that would train and assist people to exceed the limits of what they thought they could do with words. Since then I have coached numerous students, teachers, and professionals in the analytical and problem solving skills they needed to pass certification exams, complete doctoral dissertations, and achieve top scores on a range of standardized tests. I have helped business clients to produce texts and make presentations that have landed them financing for their inventions or ideas and earned them major new accounts. I have assisted clients from all over the world to gain acceptance to competitive graduate programs, excel in these programs, and obtain jobs, grants, awards, and promotions thereafter. As an added reward, I have helped creative writers publish their first, second, or even third novel, story, or screenplay.

In all this, I am proudest of the fact that clients return to rewrite.com again and again. Repeat business is the ultimate proof of customer satisfaction, and at rewrite.com we do everything we can to keep our clients satisfied. That is why I work personally with every client, and that is why every service is tailored to your precise needs. Our goal is simple: to help you get what you want out of your education, creative passion, or career. So let us start working for your success today!
Founded in 1998 in conjunction with The Best English School in Manhattan (our tutoring and test prep service), rewrite.com has served thousands of students, professors, business people, and creative writers in New York City, across the country, and around the world.

Unlike its competitors, rewrite.com provides personalized service to meet any deadline on any task. We have the expertise to work with graduate and professional students, researchers and writers in theoretical fields, and special needs clients. Our consultancy approach also
makes us ideal partners in success for consultants, entrepreneurs, and grant writers!

At rewrite.com, we recognize that our clients expect a premium service, but that your time, money, and personal style mean a lot to you. Rejecting the “one service fits all” approach of our competitors allows us to tailor service to almost any budget and to transform your text as much or as little as it needs—always with your voice in mind!

Let’s face it, writing and speaking for success present challenges to students, professors, and business people alike, with or without a language or learning barrier. At rewrite.com we understand and see to your needs—whether you’re applying to college or writing a story in your second language, competing for a grant or promotion, or preparing a report for a demanding client. International students—we’ve been you. Dyslexic students—we know you. Professors, creative writers, consultants, and entrepreneurs—we are you. So let us go to work for your success today!
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